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Individual enjoying a massage with herbal balls for added relaxation and therapeutic benefits
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Woman receiving a soothing massage surrounded by candles, creating a tranquil ambiance for relaxation.
Woman enjoying a massage with hot stones, experiencing deep relaxation and tension relief.

We Are Champa Thai Massage

We offer a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation through our unique style of message.

At Champa Thai Massage, we are committed to restoring relaxation and harmony to every client's body and mind. We offer a broad range of services and adjust our care to a personalized approach to meet the unique needs of each client. Experience the relaxation and rejuvenation of a session with one of our skilled therapists today!

Man undergoing deep tissue massage for tension relief.
Couple enjoying head massages for relaxation and stress relief.
woman receiving a massage by candlelight in a dimly lit room, promoting relaxation and tranquility
Traditional Thai Massage

Experience the benefits of Thai Massage

Thai Combo



Woman experiencing hot stone massage therapy for deep relaxation and muscle relief
Traditional Head Massage
Traditional Thai massage tools used during therapy sessions for relaxation and muscle relief
Massage therapist applying oil to hands in preparation for a massage session


Individual peacefully drifting into sleep during a couple's massage session, embracing relaxation and tranquility

Excellent couples Thai massage!
Very in tune with muscle condition
and work accordingly to your needs. Very professional and competent.
Best massage we've ever experienced and we're 70 years young. Definitely recommend.

Raymond B. L.

This is the best massage spa ever. I felt so much relief after the massage from Judy! Thank you so much. I will definitely come back.

Stephanie F.

Amazing experience! Great massages! Affordable pricing! Every massage therapist has great talent. You can't get it wrong! Definitely recommend!

Summer W.

I and my wife have visited Champa on multiple occasions, and each visit has been excellent. The space is clean, the receptionist pleasant, and the massages & masseuses amazing.

I would recommend to any and all, especially anyone with muscle or anxiety issues. Donna and Nan are the very best.

Frank T.

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