Foot Massage

 Technique is to apply key

points pressure into your foot.These key points pressure helps relaxing your body and mind.


Thai  Massage



To CHAMPA THAI MASSAGE. A place to relax. Our Swedish massage is the perfect solution to your stress, pain, and aches. All of our professional therapists are willing to work with you with full confidence that we can bring peace to your problems so you can be stress free through out your daily life.

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Thai Massage


Is a lot of stretching and similarities to yoga.It help bring you back more energy to over all your body.

Deep Tissue


Deep pressure to allign layers under the surface of your muscle tissue and connective tissue.It also help release your muscle tense areas such as upper shoulder,stiff neck,back,and lower back.

Our Services


  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue
  • Thai Massage
  • Thai Combo
  • Therapeutic
  • Sports
  • Myofacial
  • Prenatal
  • Hot Stone
  • Lomi Lomi
  • Reflexology (Foot Massage)



Massage technique uses medium stroke and light pressure thought your full body and bring you with relaxing your overall body.

Hot  Stone

 Massage is a full body massages by using heated stone placed along the key points on your body to deliver heat to help losing up your body tight muscle and bring back your relaxing.

Hour Of Operation


  • Sunday        10am.-9pm.
  • Monday        10am.-9pm.
  • Tuesday       10am.-9pm.
  • Wednesday  10am.-9pm.
  • Thursday     10am.-9pm.
  • Friday          10am.-9pm.
  • Saturday      10am.-9pm.